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Coreum is an enterprise-grade L1 blockchain to serve as a core infrastructure of future decentralized applications. The #SoloNation hashtag is used to represent the Sologenic, Coreum, and XRP communities and their various ecosystems.
We aim to be one of the most community-focused validators for the Coreum Blockchain with a realistically low percentage commission, autocompounding via ReStake, 100% governance participation, public explorer, hourly snapshots, public RPC and API access points for both Mainnet and Testnet, and even a XRP validator node to support the cause. Help support our infrastructure by staking with us!

This validator has zero affiliation with the #SoloNation OG Club, its X Spaces, or any other related NFT projects. If you are looking to support those projects, go here.

Coreum Mainnet

Chain ID: coreum-mainnet-1
Snapshot: cored-mainnet-latest.tar.lz4
Version: 3.0.3

Coreum Testnet

Chain  ID: coreum-testnet-1
Snapshot: cored-testnet-latest.tar.lz4
Version: 4.0.1