Commission Change Update

May 10, 2023

May 10th, 2023:

Another commission rate decrease will be occurring over the next couple of days to adjust for the competition among community validators to remain in the active set.

Also, on a side note, there does not seem to be much usage of the REStake Auto-compounding feature for #SoloNation. This allows you to import your existing Coreum wallet into Keplr wallet and stake/restake your delegations accordingly to be auto-compounded.

For example, with REStake, the current APY for #SoloNation is 42.99%. Whereas, without REStake, you would be getting more along the lines of 35.7%. We also foot the bill for processing the gas fees when we auto-compound your rewards back to the #SoloNation validator.

As long as you have your keys, you can import your existing Coreum wallet into Keplr to take advantage of the increased rewards and less hassle to take care of them. If you need help connecting your Keplr wallet to the Coreum Mainnet, you can do that here. Once complete, restaking is just a couple of clicks away.

Who doesn't like easier free money?!?
Have a great day! - Budd

April 20th, 2023:

The commission rate for the #SoloNation validator has been decreased from 4% to 3% to be more in line with the majority of community validators.

We understand that in several months this may be voted on to be raised to a minimal commission rate of 5% according to this discussion, but we will continue with this lower range of rates as long as we are allowed to offer it.

In other areas, we have been working on pruning scripts for automating snapshots for our setup. You may have noticed a few missed blocks during our testing.

We will be acquiring more hardware to assist with storing these snapshots for the public. Despite increasing our costs, the current commission rate should satisfy the current hardware configuration.

Lastly, we have added a Status Page so for the public. This currently consists of both Testnet and Mainnet API/RPC points. This will be modified once additional hardware is added and should be checked if you are experiencing issues with the validator.

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