[Resolved] Testnet is currently down

April 12, 2023

As of block 3613580 @ Apr 12, 2023 07:45:44 PM (EDT)

According to Vertex451 from CF Discord, the halt has occurred because of the following:

"The network halt that occurred yesterday was caused by two factors:

  1. Two of the Coreum validators, each with voting power exceeding 33.4%, were rebooted simultaneously. As a result, the network was halted until their voting power was restored.
  2. These validators had their double_sign_check_height param set to 10 blocks. Once they were online, they waited for 10 blocks to continue voting, causing the network to wait as well and resulting in a deadlock.

We were able to resolve the issue by setting the double_sign_check_height to 0 blocks. This allowed the major validators to resume voting and the network's operations was resumed.

To summarise:

  1. The improved distribution of voting power in the mainnet means that situations like these are unlikely to occur. We will, however, explore additional measures to further improve voting power distribution.
  2. No action is required from validators in this particular case. We appreciate the alert.
  3. We will conduct further investigation into double_sign_check_height and, if there is no risk of the double sign with its value set to 0, we will recommend setting it to 0 by default. We will keep you informed of any further developments. (edited)
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You can read up on it via this Discord Link.

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